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Video magazine

Video magazine “Secrets of the Best Speakers” shows the best (and worst!) examples of public communication in Russia and abroad. The channel has over 1000 subscribers – HR and PR managers of major companies, business and political leaders as well as everyone who has an interest in keeping up with the best practices in public speaking.

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  • How to talk effectively on TV? What is key to being a great guest speaker in a TV studio? In this issue of the Video Magazine you will know about the three main commandments of a successful TV interview based on example with Mikhail Prokhorov on NTV.

  • The analysis of public speeches of Medvedev, Putin and Bush allows us to understand the algorithm of the effective response techniques used in managing hecklers in the audience. In this issue, you will learn how to take advantage of situations that appear to be hopeless.

  • What do you do when, during an important speech, you have a technical problem that threatens to ruin everything? How to behave in order to save your face, as well as the attention of the audience? You will find these answers in this overview of Barack Obama’s speeches.